About us

La Minoterie des Anciens Inc. was established by Mrs. Denise Verreault in November of 2012. She was committed to reasserting the value of the agricultural lands of Gaspésie and Lower Saint Lawrence by means of certified organic production. Through this approach, the opening of a mill located close to farmers became essential; and from that day forward, the business venture has succeeded in marketing high added-value products while offering fair price and lower transport costs to producers.

La Minoterie des Anciens proposes a range of organic and gluten-free products made from hemp seeds, buckwheat, naked oat and legumes processed mainly into flour, oil and hulled seeds. The transformation is achieved through a desire for an authentic return to basics, for the demonstration of respect for the work and values of our ancestors, and also for the well being of the whole community. La Minoterie can count on a vibrant team of employees striving for excellence who provide clients with outstanding quality products.